Theme and format of publications. Scientific review

The journal publishes original, previously unpublished scientific reports, articles, reviews, etc., Dedicated to the fundamental and applied problems of the psychological and pedagogical sciences.

Journal headers:

1. Personality as the subject of research: history, theory, methodology.

2. Problems of formation and development of personality.

3. Personality as a subject of life: problems of health and disease.

4. Modern applied research of personality.

5. Personality that transforms the world.

6. Procedia.

7. Events.

8. Reviews.

The main interest for editors is a multidisciplinary study of authors working at the junction of disciplines, international author groups, and studies caused by the interaction of specialists - representatives of various scientific fields.

The journal does not publish journalistic essays, reports on research and educational materials. Submission to the editorial board of previously published articles is prohibited.

Procedure for reviewing articles, sections for editors:

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration only if the rules for registering articles posted on the official website of the journal are observed (

All scientific articles submitted to editors are subject to mandatory double-blind review (the reviewer does not know the authors of the manuscript, the authors of the manuscript do not know the reviewers).

The editors recommend that the reviewer, in the analysis of manuscripts, adhere to the recommendations of the Ethics Committee of Publications (Ethics Publishing Committee), the Elsevier Ethics Resource Book and, in particular, the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications, developed and approved by the Ethics Committee of Scientific Publications ( / code).

The reviewer must respect the confidentiality when working with the submitted materials of the original study.

1. Members of the editorial board of the journal, scientists and specialists of Ryazan State Medical University participate in the review and other organizations with professional knowledge and work experience on a specific scientific direction in accordance with the subject of the manuscript. Reviewers can not be co-authors of the article, employees of the unit, in which specific work is performed. The reviewer is obliged to submit to the editorial office the review of the manuscript of the article no more than a month after its receipt. This period is controlled by the editorial board; Depending on the situation and at the request of the reviewer, it can be extended.

2. Each reviewer has the right to refuse to consider if there is a clear conflict of interest affecting the perception and interpretation of handwritten materials. (Each decision of the reviewer is justified):

- The article is recommended for publication in this form;

- the article recommends publication after correcting the noted reviewers of the deficiencies;

- the article needs additional consideration by another specialist;

- The article can not be published in the journal.

3. If the review contains recommendations for the correction and revision of the article, the editorial board of the journal sends the author a review text with the proposal to provide them with a new version of the article or reasoning (partially or completely) in order to refute them. Completion of the article should not last more than 2 months from the date of submission of the message. The revised author's article is again sent for review. After correcting the article, corrected taking into account the comments of the reviewer, the manuscript is sent to the second review of the same referee. If you do not agree with the opinion of the reviewer, the author of the article has the right to resolve the editorial board's response. An article may be sent for re-examination by the same or another reviewer or to the editorial board for a final decision. 

4. In case of refusal of the authors to change the materials, they must inform the editorial board in writing or verbally about the refusal to publish the article. If the authors do not return the revised version after 3 months from the date of submission of the review, even if the authors are not refused to modify the article, the editors will remove it from the registry. In such situations, authors are sent with a notification of the deletion of the manuscript with registration in connection with the expiration of the time allotted for revision.

5. The decision to refuse publication of the manuscript is accepted by the editorial board in accordance with the recommendations of the reviewers. The article, not a peer-reviewed alternative publication, is not accepted for reconsideration. The message about refusal of publication is sent to the author by e-mail.

6. After the adoption of the editorial board of the journal on the admission to publication and publication of publications.

7. The presence of a positive review is not a sufficient basis for the publication of the article. The final decision on the publication of the host editorial board. In conflict situations, the decision is made by the editor-in-chief.

8. The time for consideration of manuscripts materials is not more than 3 months from the date of their receipt by the editorial office. The original of the reviews is stored in the editorial office of the journal for 5 years from the date of publication and provision, upon request, of the expert councils of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

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