RSMU FOIS Student Wins Ryazan Region Badminton Tournament

Winning any competition is the most wonderful accomplishment in life. 

Recently Thangavelu Vanitha Arun (India, 5th year General Medicine student) has taken part in a Ryazan region badminton tournament. His results are

  • the 3rd place in men's doubles;
  • the 3rd in mixed doubles.

Badminton is my favorite sport because playing it makes me stay active and fresh. I started to playing badminton when I was 12 years old due to several reasons. Firstly, badminton in India is the most popular sport after cricket and is casually played outside but the professional matches take place indoors. Secondly, my family is keen on sports. My parents influenced my attitude to playing badminton and cricket. Since then and on I have been actively participating in competitions in our University. Moreover, I also have a fantastic opportunity to see cities in Russia owing to sport events. 

Congratulations, Arun, on your newly found achievement!